Beese’s Beer, Cider & Music festival

The 2017 BeerFest will take place on 8th/9th September.

This will be the 12th in its history and it keeps getting better!  We’ll have more bands, more beer and probably more cider, but definitely more beer, oh, and there’ll be a hog roast and curry on offer too!

We will soon be selling tickets through and you can register with them now to be the first to hear when they become available.

It’s a busy affair and there’s a river and there’s beer etc and just as with previous years we have to impose an over 18s policy for each of the days of the festival.

We’ll soon be contacting some of our favourite suppliers from around the South West but also looking a little further afield for some interesting brewers and cider makers to add to the mix. Last year we had about 15 beers and 12 ciders and we’d certainly like to top that this year and make sure there’s something for all tastes.

Music, too, will be a main event and for 2017 we will be opening Beeses and the Festival at 3:00 pm Beeses and the garden will not be open to the public before that time (please note all you Friday Beeses regulars!)

We will kick off the music around 5:00pm with the excellent and aptly named The Jumps, who have certainly had our Friday night music lovers jumping around the bar during their gigs at Beeses.  During the rest of the evening we will be honoured with Billy in the Lowground who deliver a raunchy fusion of folk and rock and then keep the tempo on the upside with the (only slightly) cheese fixated Fromage en Feu, a slightly mature, full fat assault of faux French fun!

Friday Tickets will cost £10 and this includes your first pint

Beeses Beer, Cider and Music Festival

On Saturday we will open the doors (jetty?) at midday and start the music from around 3:00pm easing into the day with Just 3 Vocal Harmony before getting livelier with the Dukes of Mumbai (they are really rather cool in an undefinable way), followed by some swing, jazz and blues from JJ Gatsby and then closing off the night with the fantastic fun filled festival sound of Mr Tea and the Minions.

Saturday Tickets cost £15 and this includes your first pint

If you arrange with any of the ferry operators to come to Beeses on Friday or Saturday you must have a ticket to board the boat.

Bristol Ferry Boats and  No7 Boats will be arranging some services on each of the days.