Live music

Warner E. Hodges breaks out the doubleneck at Beese's! © Pete Fears
Warner E. Hodges breaks out the doubleneck at Beese’s! © Pete Fears

We like music at Beese’s, so much so that in 2017 we’ll be having music every Friday* (usually fairly uptempo stuff to get the place rocking), and as usual we’ll have loads of music at our BeerFest.  (* every Friday, apart from when the tides conspire against us)

See Bristol Ferry for details of departure times if you’re coming from the city centre Beese’s Beer festival.

So here’s what we’ve got this year: we start the season with Dysfunktional on Good Friday, sure to get the holiday weekend off to a swing.

In May we will welcome The Raskals, The Jumps, Vapor (acoustic soul & reggae with just a hint of country!) ; in June JJ Gatsby (yes, old favourites), as well as Stiff Upper Lips, The Forfeits, and the curiously-named, but fabulous Lionel, Richie and the Wardrobe!

In July, a much anticipated return to Beeses of The Dukes of Mumbai, as well as the Chunk of Funk, with their loose-limbed grooves and funky stuff. And to finish that month, Just 3, a professional vocal harmony trio who perform their own arrangements of well known soul/motown, gospel & pop songs.

Here’s a Beeses events calendar showing who is appearing when – there are still some gaps, but we think it’s looking good!

And we’re still finalising the BeerFest line-up but we are sure it will be the best so far!

Just to book! (see Bristol Ferry and No. 7 & Boat Trips)

Bluefields at Beese’s © Trudi Knight Photography

Bluefields at Beese’s © Trudi Knight Photography