Sustainability and produce

An evening at Beese’s
An evening at Beese’s

Awareness of our environment and how we impact upon it has always been important to us. So here’s a list of things we do to try and ensure that your enjoyment has a positive impact or at the least a minimal negative impact:

  • We recycle all card, paper, tins, and glass.
  • We expect our suppliers to keep packaging to a minimum and, where possible, we do not buy products that use non-recyclable packaging.
  • We source much of our produce from independent and local suppliers, including butchers, cheese producers, bakers and vegetable suppliers.
  • We aim to grow most of our own herbs.
  • From about the end of May through to the end of September all the flowers you see in the vases on the tables are from our garden. We plant flowers that attract and support bees.
  • Our sewage is treated in our biodigester, which works like an artificial reed bed, treating the sewage naturally and putting clean water back into the river.
  • We raise money every year for our local nature reserves Eastwood Farm and Troopers Hill. See our Community page for more details.