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How to get to Beese's

Conham Ferry

The Conham Ferry is operated by Beese's in order to cross the river Avon, and is available during our opening hours (river conditions permitting - check our Twitter feed or Facebook page for the latest updates).

It doesn't do trips up or down the river and yes, the crossing may only take 30 seconds but we think it's a darn sight better than the alternative!

There is a nominal charge of £1.00 return per person over 12 years old - dogs go free! You can park in the Conham Road car park  (drag the map down a little or choose 'view larger map', below, to see it) and follow the riverbank round to our steps across the river from Beese's. We used to have a bell on the covered bench there but, hey, it wasn't screwed in well enough so you can guess! Sometimes there's a little queue and the boat will be running back and fourth but if there's no-one in the garden to see you wave then ring us on 0117 977 7412. We may not actually pick up, but ti does prompt us to look across the river. Be aware, the Conham car park is closed at 10pm every evening.

Beeses ferry is open when we are!

By car

Beese's is at the bottom of an unadopted lane (that means bumpy), where there are limited parking spaces. You may prefer to park in Eastwood Crescent or Eastwood Road. The lane is most easily accessed by turning from Broomhill Road into Eastwood Crescent. At the end of the road turn right, just before the bollards, into Wyndham Crescent. The entrance to the lane is 20 yards down on the left, and is marked "To Conham Ferry". Below is a map with a route from the A4 (Bath Road)

By bus

Coming from the city centre the number 1 bus conveniently stops a short distance from us. Get off across the road from the Good Intent pub, walk downhill from there and you will see the lane going through the park (it takes less than 5 minutes to get here). The bus stop shows up on the map below if you zoom in.

By boat

Of course, you can come by boat! Perhaps your own or come with one of the ferry companies that run regular trips to Beese's (information can be found on the Public Ferry Trips page). There are weekly public trips, and all companies listed have boats available for charter.

If you have your own craft, and we are open, you can use our moorings, although you will need to be prepared to move off temporarily if one of the larger scheduled boats is due in. We are sometimes asked by boaters if they can moor overnight and here are the main points.

Cruise and ferry companies operate from Bristol Harbour

Conditions of mooring

1. Despite being twelve miles from the Avon estuary, Beese's is subject to several tides a year, and so we may have to say "No" because you probably don't want your boat to end up on our jetty, and frankly, neither do we.
2. If we do give you permission to moor, we won't charge you, but we do expect a certain level of consideration.
3. If we do give you permission to moor, all occupants are subject to Beese's terms and conditions.
4. If we do give you permission to moor, you are only permitted to leave the premises outside of our opening hours the way you arrived, i.e. by boat and not through the gate.

Disabled access

As mentioned, Beese's is off the beaten track and is located on a slope, and whilst this is one of our most charming qualities, it means it can be troublesome getting to us if you have mobility difficulties. There are a number of steps, and ramps that have been put in place are very steep. The best way to arrive at Beese's under these circumstances is by boat from the Bristol city centre. Please contact one of the boat companies directly for information on disabled access.